What Our Visitors Have to Say


  • I am a freelance writer, and I have struggled to find someone reliable, dependable, and creative to help me design a website that would be the best representation of me as a writer.  Caroline is the first professional that I have found that helped me meet those objectives.  Not only did she provide me with a great product, but she gave me practical advice on how to further develop my career, as well as tangible resources that have been invaluable to me.  She is one of the finest professionals in the industry that I have worked with, and a terrific person.  I look forward to working with her again in the future.  Thank you, Caroline!  Stephanie Moreland, www.morelandwrites.com
  • What great information Caroline sent me as a follow-up to my email.  Suffice it to say that when my group gets closer to booking our speaker, it will be Caroline from the DreamWeb.  The panel was so impressed with your key points as well as to your theme suggestion.  We had spoken to three other potential keynote speakers, but this proposal from DreamWeb cinched the deal.  Michael Shoar, Lexington, KY
  • Caroline has been an incredible resource for us as we begin our new international business venture. I think what we appreciate the most is her innate ability to motivate and encourage new business owners. After our first meeting with her, we not only walked away with a wealth of information (so much more than we expected), but a huge sense of support & understanding as well. Thanks Caroline - we are looking forward to working with you!      Vickie Baker
  • I am a freelance television and radio talent. Not your average 9 to 5 kind of career. Caroline has been doing my taxes for the past five years and always makes sense of my finances. She has helped go from filing self-employed, to my new S-Corp status with no problems at all. I could not do it without her!! She understands my career's special needs and always goes the extra mile. Her advice and insight are priceless. Thank you Caroline!
       Art Edmonds, Art Edmonds Inc.
  • After some long distance consulting with DreamWeb, I finally implemented the five-step game plan Caroline McKeon outlined for me and my small company. One of the most important things I learned from her was TAKE ACTION NOW. Waiting around doesn't accomplish anything. She is a major strategist when it comes to business and a master at project management. I have already referred her to several business colleagues. And now, I can actually read and understand my financial statements!
       Dane Schultz, New Brunswick, NJ
  • Caroline McKeon is an awesome and knowledgeable woman in many areas of life. She proved to be an innovator determined to help turn the Mission of our Ministry into reality so others could see. Upon first viewing my website, I was lost for words, and that is saying a lot about me. Caroline listened to my heart and to past services for the homeless and displaced; and with decisive and descriptive words, enabled others not only to feel and see the plight, but gave opportunities to be a help. Her tenaciousness gave clarity to the Ministry's role in helping others.  I have received many compliments regarding the website, with intentions of Caroline devising a plan of action for them. I have known her over two years, and she is well capable or relating to individuals on a personal or professional level when necessary. She is, and has been a blessing to the Ministry in many areas. Having Caroline on your team, keeps you in the know at all times.
       Cynthia Pinckney, Cynthia Pinckney Ministries, Inc., Tampa, FL

  • Sorry I haven't gotten around to posting this sooner, but better late than never. I contacted Caroline McKeon after stumbling upon her website last July, and I arranged for her to deliver a keynote address to a group of small business owners. She delivered with such a punch, that we developed an entire new networking organization based on ideas she presented. Hearing her speak was like getting a Vitamin B-12 injection! She injected us with a burning passion to be successful, and she explained that the key to that success lies within each of us - waiting to burst forth! Imagine!
       Kelly Leward, Dallas, TX
  • What an impact this woman made at our last Entrepreneur's Convention! I swear she had all 300 of us laughing one minute and crying the next. She energized us! After her talk, we still had two more days, but most of us just wanted to hurry back home and get back to business! The tips and skills she brings to the table are awesome! 
       Kyle Hayden, Bodega Bay, CA
  • I have known Caroline McKeon for over 16 years.  She has been my constant source of encouragement in not only developing my business (ongoing now for over four years), but for keeping me focused when I was tempted to branch out.  She always had my best interest at heart - and I always took her advice.  While we were friends long before I ventured out on my own in the art world, Caroline remained steadfast in her belief that I could do absolutely anything I set my heart to do. 

    I dared to dream and she goaded me on.  I tried to run, and she urged me to fly.  She taught me that making my intentions clear was first and foremost to attaining success; to dream out loud and my heart's desires would be fulfilled.  She taught me the difference between wants and needs - and after getting what I needed, she shared with me how to get what I wanted.  More important than that, Caroline shared Jesus with me.  I will always have Caroline in my life.  And for that I am grateful.  (Sweet Caroline...Good Times Never Seemed So Good - thanks baby!)
       David Hoolihan, Hoolihans, Inc. - Naples, FL  Christmas 2004
  • Caroline is a Master Storyteller. When she shared her gift with my class, I found myself propelled into her world of real life heroes and heroines. I was able to imagine myself doing great things just like the people she spoke about. This shift in thinking gave me the push I needed to make changes in my life. I am grateful to Caroline for the inspiration and the impact that she has had upon my students; they are now ready to take on the world!  
       Kate Baierlein, Career Services Director, Webster College, Tampa, Florida
  • Caroline has the power to renew and energize those around her.  Her clear and concise teaching methods, coupled with this energy, make her an undeniably positive resource when it comes to motivating your group.  And her full color, illustrated workbooks are just another added bonus to the package.  
         Pam Caylor, Life Coach   -   Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Define Caroline:  People power personified.  Take one liability. Let Caroline take one look at it, add her indomitable energy and one liability becomes one asset.  Got something to sell? Let Caroline analyze its attributes, explain it, laud it and watch the inventory level go down.  Caroline knows what problems are. They are stepping stones to SUCCESS.  
         Jimmy Midkiff, Tampa, FL
  • Wow!  What a powerhouse!  She'll take you places you want to go.  Caroline speaks from her heart with the voice of experience.
         Dr. Katie McCorkle, Licensed Psychologist (PA), radio personality, author, and developer of
    Balanced Heartô Coaching, Dr. Katie   Pittsburgh, PA
  • Caroline has the ability to take a MESS and turn it into something MEANINGFUL!! My husband and I have been working with Caroline for several years. We love the fact that she can take what little information we give her and figure out a way to make it personally profitable for us. Some consultants expect you to do most of the work and then they put a nice bow on your "wrapped box" and charge you for what you already know! NOT Caroline. 

    She starts with your empty or unorganized "box" and gives you back a finished product ready to sign seal and deliver in your favor. Caroline is incredibly organized. She doesn't waste time and won't let you waste hers!! She manages to get the job done with very little supervision and very big benefits. Thanks Caroline for all you've done for us!!  

         Michelle & Robert Blalock   -   Tampa, FL
  •  Caroline's unlimited energy will catapult you to new levels, both professionally and personally.  Get ready to take off and fly with Caroline by your side.
         Sonja Palomino, Self Actualization Facilitator   -   Tampa, FL

  • Caroline exhibits an enthusiasm that is contagious and anyone who comes in contact with her cannot help but walk away feeling positive!  Caroline reminds me of how exciting business can really be.    
         Jim Matheny,.CJ's Originals   -   Temple Terrace, FL
  • I worked with Caroline for 6 hours over 2 days. By the second day my confidence was soaring. She gave the insight I needed to influence my audience, no matter what my topic was. She helped me with inspirational stories from my life, and how to convey these to my audience, so that I could connect with them on a personal level. I saw that giving a presentation was not so much about the material, but HOW you presented it. She taught me some tricks on keeping your audience awake and how to reach their emotions. The one-on-one interaction with Caroline was essential because we were able to focus on just my presentation.

    It was a great success. I received many compliments the day of the presentation, and the clients that I have called since then have complimented me again on how much they enjoyed my seminar. After the presentation I felt so good I was ready to do another one the next day. This all from someone who used to get a stomach ache at the mere thought of public speaking!  With the help of Caroline, I have the confidence to get my message across and really reach my audience.  Thanks Caroline!
         Shelly Ballard, President, Tarkenton Financial - N. Reddington Beach, FL