About DreamWeb

DreamWeb was the brainchild of Caroline McKeon in mid 1996.  The original idea for this consulting business was Caroline-On-Time.  The service made available to small businesses marketing concepts and ideas to help them grow their businesses.

Enter the Internet.  Doing small business web sites became quite lucrative, and DreamWeb was born.  Later, as more and more web site designers sprang up, using html editors like FrontPage, it became a struggle to compete with the bottom feeders.

DreamWeb Consultants, Inc. was formed shortly after to take the focus off the web and put it back into small business entities,  marketing strategies and small business accounting.  All manner of tax returns can be prepared as well.

Then, in 2002, DreamWeb Office Consultants, Inc. emerged, and that is the face you see before you today.  It's all about the small business owner and getting the word out about his or her business.

About Caroline McKeon:

Armed with a PhD in Business Administration and over 30 years' experience in business and in management, Caroline McKeon knows her stuff.  First and foremost, she considers herself a Communicator.  

Currently, her home and residence is in Temple Terrace, Florida where she lives with her Shih Tzu Pickles Honeyheart.  Pickles has her own chair in the office where she awaits clients and considers it her duty to entertain them.

Caroline is the author of two books:

  • Own Your Business...Own Your Life!!!™
  • Managing Your Time...Managing Your Staff...
    Managing Yourself!

DreamWeb Office Consultants, Inc.

Caroline McKeon, Ph.D.